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Adelina’s Sweaty Gym Feet


Adelina's Sweaty Gym Feet
Time: 05:26 Minutes
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920×1080
Size: 413MB
Model: Adelina K.

Adelina’s Sweaty Gym Feet (Full HD)

Hot And Sexy Adelina really just came back from the gym with her size 4.5 feet. Sweaty and stinky,  Adelina is a cute college student. She is 5’5” (165 CM) and 110 lbs (50 KG), she has 4.5 US /35 EU size, high arched sexy petite feet. Right after she has finished her workout. her feet are super ripe, sweaty and stinky. Come in close as I remove my gym shoes, as I peel away our sweat-soaked socks. I can see that little bulge developing in your pants. You love this. Oh, what is it? You want my stinky gym socks in your mouth? Of course you do. Open up; taste that salty sweetness from my perfect feet. Good; now all I can hear is your muffled moans as you grow more weak and more horny for our feet. I expect that since you love this so much, since you’re such a freak for my sweaty, bare feet, you’ll be watching this over and over and over again. Why don’t you do yourself a favor? Go ahead and just put this clip on repeat and lose yourself to my post gym feet This great super sexy soles show clip is MP4 (H.264) encoded at 1920×1080 for high quality and running time is 5:26 minutes. All videos on this store are Full HD and recorded with a professional camera.